Intricate Possibilities

There is a woman hidden. Can you find her? She is speaking of peace. Every square portrays harmony, of colour and forms, and intricate possibilities.

It was titled based on an admirer’s impression of the work as being a « Colourful Blanket with Gentle Folds  ».

Created on March 10, 2019

My work is greatly influenced by the Quebec automatistes and worldwide abstract expressionists. I create with this interior force that expresses itself, no matter what. I am unable to paint if it is not surrounded by total freedom. My work must be seen as a whole but also as a microcosm. Each section is self-expressing.

I have found some definition of the art I create in this article written by Carl G. Jung :

« Non-objective art draws its contents essentially from ‘inside.’ This ‘inside’ cannot correspond to consciousness, since consciousness contains images of objects as they are generally seen, and whose appearance must therefore necessarily conform to general expectations. »

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