All United for Peace?

The World is Changing

Who would have thought that our way of life would change this radically in just a few days. It’s a good thing. The capitalist way is no longer suited. As you can see from the events, money or not, we are all in the same boat… in fact, I am quite certain your investments have melted drastically. The economy is falling down. It is time to unite against a microscopic giant? 

COVID-19 came subtly and rapidly; at war against all human beings. All alone, microcosm warrior! He can reach all countries now that the world is a small village. 

And we will have to help each other to make it through! WOW!!! 

Will COVID-19 Bring Peace?

When you think about it… possibly. When economy is down, people must remain at home, streets are empty and airports closed… it is time to reconnect. An important time to reflect on what this situation brings forth because the way we were going, the massive destruction and disrespect we were imposing on Mother Earth, can no longer continue.   

Imagine if frontiers remain closed, during several months, money is no longer available, most people no longer work, investments have melted, our time is now entirely available… what would you do?

For now, social distance is a must, we stay home and we wait for the storm to pass. I am sure you know someone who has travelled or came back from a trip prematurely because of this situation. Just for having travelled, this person is at medium to high risk. And this falls onto the people he or she may have encountered. As we have repatriated my mother from Mexico, I am in quarantine with her at home, and I am now at medium to high risk for myself and others. Fourteen days of quarantine, but after? Social distance still required, all in an attempt of stopping the pandemic. 

But After?

How will we make it if frontiers remain closed and businesses are falling? Some will not survive this crisis you know. What if we exchange services? The farmer will need help, the fruit and vegetable growers will have to nourish all these people. Our goods will need repairing, our clothes, mending, consumption will no longer be the same. It will be time to think creatively.  And this is where I see hope for peace in this world. We will need to help each other, without money involved. Finally! Capitalism is dying and this is what will save the planet and some of its inhabitants. Those who will cooperate, be creative, respectful, those with a good heart, will rebuild this world, protect Earth … and it will be much better! 

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